Friday, 9 March 2012

About us

CIHECT is a forming organ and a Social Institution .This is working for social justice women .child welfare,Culture awareness, Education & Social Development and also aptitude of legal awereness along with social reforms by preventing the social evil and criminal activities. CIHECT MEDIA is Organize Programmer & making of Audio ,Visuals,Flim ,Telefilms ,T.V.Serials ,Document ries &State Show ,Dramma,Street Play etc. FUNDAMENTAL WORKS/AIMS/OBJECTS: A)Social Activities: · To Create a sence of brotherhood. · Co-operation and mutual harmony for love & affection & good will amongst society general public. · To promote cause of National Integration &unity of India. · To provide platform with dynamic idea for all around re-construction of nation. · To take up effective reasonable and law ful steps for the eradication of social evils etc. B) For Woman’s Works for women’s education Works for women’s employments & independence. Lawful steps for education of Dowery system Protection of indentify & dignity of woman’s from social evil & criminal activities Prevention of anti social elements & offers against woman;s etc. C) For Child Works for child education To help the street children by providing them shelter , food and education. Works for eradication of child labour & child marriage(bal vivah). Protection of children from drugs /wine/smokes by social education al awareness. To protect the children’s from social exploitation etc. D) For Health: i) To take up effective reasonable and lawful steps for the solution of the problems relating to blind ,physically & mentally challenged. To approach and to encourage the people of affected from serious diseases & who have faced natural calamities by providing them medicine , medical advise & counseling by arranging tranning & medical camps. Organization of training camp & program for dumbs , deafs & other disables person. To create a foram for senior citizen for their help who are suffering from old age ailments: To arrange & organize Eye &Blood donation camps etc. To open centers /institutions for diagnostic curative and research of cancer ,AIDS,T.B. etc .